Launched in October 2010 and currently owned by Facebook, Instagram has come a long way as an effective social networking platform for photographs. What’s so amazing is that you can find personal photos as well as professional snaps on this platform. In the course of time, Instagram had added so many features into the core app, including Instagram Stories, superb photo editing and all. However, when you want to download Instagram photos, there is no in-built feature in the app. Even if you are trying to save some Instagram photos from a PC web browser, that’s not going to work. In case you are worrying, we have the perfect solution for you in this article.

Download Instagram Photos

Why Do You Want to Download Instagram Photos?

This basically depends on what you want to do. You might be an aspiring photographer, who likes to keep the best Instagram snaps on your phone. Or, even simpler, you’d want to keep your friends’ favorite photos for local access. So, even when the purpose is simple, Instagram doesn’t allow Instagram download option. And, that’s why we are going to use an Instagram downloader app to get this done.

For those who are new, an Instagram Downloader is a web-based application that can download Instagram photos to your PC, Mac, Android or iPhone. All you need is the URL of the Instagram photo that you want to save. In this article, we will tell you how you can download your favorite Instagram photos with the help of GetInstaPhotos — the best way to download Instagram photos and videos.

How To Save Instagram Photos Using GetInstaPhotos?

It’s a simple task. Do you see a URL box on the top? You will also spot a Download button right next to it. So, now that you want to download Instagram photos to your computer or Android phone, you need two things ready.

  • An Internet Connected PC, Mac or Android Phone
  • URL of the Instagram photo that you want to save.

If these are with you, you can listen to the following steps.

Step #1

First of all, open the Instagram app and tap on the Copy Share URL button. The Instagram photo URL will be copied to your clipboard.

Step #2

Now, you can paste the Share URL on the URL box above. It doesn’t matter whether you are on PC, Mac or Android, you can simply past the URL.

Click the Download button, and wait for some time.

Step #3

In the next page, you can see the preview of the Instagram photo, along with the Download link.

You can either click the Download button or right-click on the photo and Save it to Your Device.

In both cases, the photo will be available in your Device storage in no time.

Wrapping Up

That’s it. You have successfully downloaded the Instagram photo to your PC, Mac or Android using the simple tool, We hope we have told you exactly how to save Instagram photos to a local storage. It needs to be noted that we’re not affiliated to Instagram or Facebook, and this website does not host any photos on its servers. Ownership of Instagram photos you download is attributed to the very respective owners.